HMS Project of the Day: Awakened to Routing Thoughts

HMS Project of the Day: Awakened to Routing Thoughts

Now that we’re back from London’s Streaming Forum 2018, and the jetlag has dissipated somewhat, it’s time to work on a project. This one involves updating a router and setting up a TriCaster for a not-for-profit called Awakened to Grace.

For this project, we’re trying out a new router, which happens to be on sale today on ( the Netgear R7900 seems to have what we need, at a decent price.

We’ll couple it with at least 100-foot flat Ethernet cables ( for redundant paths to the TriCaster.

We’ll report back on the results when the router’s installed and configured (with six antennas, it should let us parse off a dedicated wifi connection for monitoring the Ethernet-connected TriCaster while at the same time allowing guests at the location to have their own dedicated WiFi antennas)

PS: On the date of publishing, there’s a $20.00 coupon to clip and apply to the R7900 router, but we don’t know how long it will last. That brings the current price down to $129.99 which seems an even better deal than the original $149.99

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