HotelHowTo: Changing inputs on Hotel HDTV with no buttons

HotelHowTo: Changing inputs on Hotel HDTV with no buttons

Imagine you’re at a big-city hotel, and you want to stream from your Apple TV. The hotel provides power connections, and there’s even a somewhat accessible HDMI port on the side of the wall-mount HDTV.

You hook it all up, and turn on the TV. Nothing but Net. LodgeNet that is. No input option on the LodgeNet remote, or even an “input” button on the television itself.

In the old days, bloggers suggested disconnecting the “phone line” from the LodgeNet box to the television, then ¬†pushing the “input” button until it got to the proper HDMI input. But what do you do on a TV with no physical buttons?

In the case of the @NYHiltonMidtown, at least, there is a workaround in three easy steps:

  • Turn on television with LodgeNet remote
  • Choose the “Function” button (don’t choose “info” or you’ll end up ordered the movie being advertised when you turn on the television with the LodgeNet remote)
  • Once the functions pop up, scroll down to “General” and then choose “Inputs”

That’s it: there may be a bit of trial-and-error choosing, but eventually you’ll find the one that is the proper input. From personal experience, I couldn’t find anything on Google when I searched for “hotel TV no buttons” or I found information from 2012 or 2015, so hopefully this will help those looking for an answer in 2018.

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Happy streaming!

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